Awesome Experience

You will not believe the experience you have at Altman Dental. Everyone there is so nice, friendly and professional not to mention the office is so relaxing. You are treated like one of the family. Having a cleaning, dental work, scheduling an appointment, talking insurance or paying the bill this office is a well oiled friendly and knowledgable machine. Calling the office you get a friendly, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable person then you walk in and you realize the entire staff is exactly the same. They are all so friendly, efficient and knowledgable and explain every thing every step of the way, answer any and all questions with complete knowledge and understanding. Then you realize it is a natural flow from the top down because Dr. Altman is the same way. He explains everything in every step and is so friendly and doesn't make you feel like he's rushing or needs to get you out of the chair. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed too. The office doesn't feel like a dental office - it's calm, relaxing and such a great atmosphere. I have been to many dentists but never felt so comfortable and like I was in good hands before. I feel like I'm home now and have my dentist and his amazing staff for life. This truly is a very special office and one you won't be sorry you've tried. I can't say enough about this office - paying the bill feels like an honor as weird as that sounds. Try Altman Dental and have an amazing experience yourself. You'll be a life long family member too! 🙂