This is Truly A 5 Star Office

This is truly a 5 - star establishment! To be honest, I've always loved "the dentist". Some people have always dreaded the dentist, I grew up excited to go to the dentist. But a few years ago, I had an experience (at another dentistry) that changed my outlook. I went in for a filling and left with the worst sensitivity, that lasted for years with no improvement. I tried other dental offices and had the same issue. But by my 2nd appointment here, most of that sensitivity is resolved! When I scheduled my first appointment, just thinking about the cleaning made me nervous, but Brandy, the hygienist, read the problem list on my intake form, we talked about it before she started the cleaning and she understood my concerns. When the doctor came in, we talked about the sensitivity, how long I'd had it, what I'd tried, how to resolve it and then resolved it! That's the experience that made me love "the dentist" again! This office is just what it is in the pictures, CLEAN, welcoming and full of smiley-faced people! The hours are convenient for working people and it is conveniently located from the city. I would highly recommend Altman Dental. I DO highly recommend Altman Dental!