Kids Dental Health

Back To School Dental Cleaning

Kids Dental Health    Children’s dental health is important. A healthy mouth is a reflection of healthy habits. It’s a great idea to have your kids teeth checked twice a year! Many times your child’s school requires forms to be completed by your dentist. We’re happy to fill out any needed forms you may have. It’s time to get your appointments scheduled, so give our office a call 831-8018! We’re happy to help and our dental office is conveniently located in Williamsville, NY

When is it a good time to have your child’s first check up? At Altman Dental, we usually recommend a first time chair ride around 2 years of age, with the first cleaning at 3. We like kids to feel comfortable in the office, and have a lot of things to keep them busy! In addition to getting your child’s teeth cleaned, we also recommend sealants. For more on sealants, click here. Sealants seal the teeth protecting them from sticky foods and bacteria that can lead to cavities.

We also advocate for healthy eating! Healthy teeth need to be fueled by healthy foods. Fruits and veggies should top the list of healthy snacks and meals. Offering kids whole foods that are high in fiber will help them to not crave processed foods as much. If you’ve taken a walk through a school lunch room, you would know the types of foods kids are eating. Most are highly refined, and striped of nutrients. They are also high in sugar and low in fiber. All foods that lead kids to crash and then crave more refined carbohydrates.

In our office at Altman Dental, we have a plant-based chef who also holds a certification in plant-based nutrition if you’d like ideas for your healthy family-friendly options.

Here are some healthy meal ideas:

Nut Free Pesto

Nut Free Pesto and Fresh  Zoodle Bowls

Sun-dried Lentils With Greens and Fresh Basil

lClose Up Sundried Tomato & Basil Lentils

Summer Hand Rolls (fun for kids to eat!)

Cherry CobblerSlice of Cherry Cobbler With Oat Topping