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Environmental “Green” Dentistry


We believe dentistry should be good for Your health and the Earth’s.  

We have several ways in which we reduce our impact:

  • We are a fully digital office: no paper, no films for x-rays, no waste in chemical development of x-rays
  • Digital x-rays mean 90% less radiation exposure for our patients
  • Our suction is a DRY VAC system.  Most offices waste 1 gallon of water for every hour of operation.  We use NO Water That’s a minimum savings of 2250 gallons of water every year for our office
  • The lighting used in our chairs are LED lights, emitting far less energy and heat than conventional lights.
  • Our office lighting utilizes Compact Florescent Bulbs, using on average, 75% less energy
  • All of our equipment comes from Portland, Oregon.  All produced, down to the wires, in the USA!
  • Our office waiting room furniture is produced in the USA

We are committed to you and our future!


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