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Dr. Altman Eating His Plant-Based Lunch

Dr. Altman’s Plant-Based Lunch-MOVEmber

Dr. Altman’s Plant-Based Lunch-MOVEmber! Follow Dr. Altman’s plant-based lunch journey. Learn how to up your intake of plants & help prevent prostate cancer! These are Dr. Altman’s lunches in MOVEmber!

Monday November 2: Veggie Stir Fry with Miso Tofu and Black Bean Noodles, recipe for miso stir fry

Dr. Altman, dentist in Williamsville NY, takes part in Movember and helps to educate on plant-based lunches for prostate cancer prevention!
Veggie Stir Fry With Baked Miso Tofu










Tuesday and Wednesday November 3-4: Leftovers; Caribbean Black Bean Soup, Corn Muffins (oil-free & dairy free!), an apple and water! Recipe for Corn Muffins click here, Caribbean Black Bean Soup Coming Soon to

Dr. Altman Eating His Plant-Based LunchDr. Altman Eating His Plant-Based Lunch

Thursday November 5: Out for lunch at our local Indian Buffet; Chana Masala (chick peas), Sweet Pea Potato Stew, and Lentils and Kidney Beans, along with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Ethnic restaurants always feature vegetarian dishes! (the beard is getting a little more than stubble!)

Dr. Altman Eating His Plant-Based Lunch

Friday November 6: Out to lunch to Wegman’s; salad with roasted tofu, veggies, and balsamic vinegar, plus veggie chili

Salad and Veggie Chili For Prostate Health

Movember Week 2: 

Well….Dr. Altman’s wife was away, and photo taking didn’t go as smoothly as the first week. But…The Doc’s beard is coming in well, and his lunches have been great!

Mon/Tuesday November:  Dr. Altman ate a squash and white bean stew for lunch

Wednesday: Dr. Altman ate Black Bean Mushroom Soup, apple, and a salad

Mushroom Black Bean Soup-Creamy Without the Cream

Thursday: out to lunch to Wegman’s; large salad with balsamic vinegar and vegetable barley soup

Movember Week 3 (the beard is full force!):

Again, time has gotten away from us, and pictures haven’t been taken. However, Dr. Altman has stuck to his plant-based lunches.

Monday: Vegan Minestrone Soup and Salad with edamame from Panera’s (lunch and learn).

Tuesday: Plant-based lasagna, click here for the recipe

Piece of Vegan Lasagna

Wednesday: Black Bean Mushroom Soup, Apple, and these Craisinut Granola Bars

Stacks of Crantastic Chewy Granola Bars

Thursday  November 24: Dr. Altman went out to lunch to Wegmans. There, he had a large salad, a nice sized vegan split pea soup, and water.  Good choices for going out to lunch include places where you can make more choices. A salad bar with raw foods is always a good choice, as well as are additions of beans, sprouts, and balsamic vinegar, in place of dressings.

Dr. Frank Altman Plant-Based Lunch For Prostate Cancer Awareness